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Ol' Betsy - A Way Out (Part 5) | SMF

Boats are hard, especially in A Way Out & especially for the Super Monkey Fighters



A Way Out is all about
Leo, who has a wife and son, is a gangster raised in an orphanage and a life of crime serving an 8-year sentence. Vincent, who has a pregnant wife, is a newly arrived prisoner and ex-banker. His hunger for money brought him in a life of organized crime and is now serving 14 years for murder and fraud. Leo plans to escape get revenge on his boss Harvey for setting him up and Vincent wants to help, but Leo wants to do this on his own. When Vincent reveals that he also wants to get revenge for the murder of his brother, they form an alliance and work together to get out of prison and kill Harvey once and for all.

A Way Out is an action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It is the second video game to be directed by Josef Fares after Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Unusual for a video game, A Way Out does not have a single-player option; it is playable on local or online split screen co-op between two players. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 23, 2018.




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