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Being Judged - Half Dead 2 (Part 3) | SMF

Monkey Feathers judges a lot from the afterlife.



You are one of the most bloodthirsty criminals in the galaxy. The number of your victims is almost more than people hanged for the betrayal of the Empire. They caught you, and it seems that you will definitely face the death penalty, but the corrupt galactic system gives you a second chance. The Emperor, for his personal pleasure, starts hosting galactic games of survival among the most bloodthirsty killers, and the people who are even worse: democratic rebels.

For that purpose, they built up a huge network of rooms filled with deadly traps.

In Half Dead 2, you must survive and make your way through deadly rooms of a multi-story building. Team up with other players and make your way through traps with a friendly team Co-Op-style, or take a weapon and kill them all in the PvP game mode!




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