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Chicken In a Chair - Transistor (Finale) | SMF

Can a chicken sit in a chair? Turns out there is a video that answers that question.



Red, a famous singer in a city called Cloudbank, is attacked by the Process, a robotic force commanded by a group called the Camerata. She manages to escape and come into possession of the mysterious Transistor - the great sword-like weapon she was to be assassinated with. The Transistor is buried into the chest of a man, now slumped over and dead, though his consciousness and voice seem to have been absorbed into the Transistor along with Red's voice. The Camerata continue to track Red and the Transistor down with the Process, wanting the weapon for some yet-unknown cause.

Transistor is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Supergiant Games. The game was released in May 2014 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, and for OS X and Linux in October 2014.




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