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Gone In 60 Seconds | What Would You Change? (Movie Podcast)

Is Gone In 60 Seconds a nostalgic classic or a mediocre car film? See what we have to say.



Memphis Raines must return to the world of auto theft after his brother breaches a contract with a Russian crime lord to deliver high end cars. Memphis must get a gang together for a one night 'boost' to grab all the cars while avoiding apprehension by the auto theft cop who trailed him years before.

Gone In 60 Seconds was directed by Dominic Sena, written by Scott Rosenberg, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. It's a loose remake of the 1974 H. B. Halicki film of the same name and it stars Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi, Christopher Eccleston, Robert Duvall, Vinnie Jones, Delroy Lindo, Chi McBride, and Will Patton.




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