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It's-a Me, Go! - Slaughter League (Part 1) | SMF

Can you survive a game of zombie tag?



Slaughter League is a fast-paced multiplayer extravaganza that will pit you against up to 10 friends (or enemies!) in a daring race to the finish line. Will your skills measure up and help you take first place? Run as fast as you can (just watch out for those Tesla coils), jump as high as possible (but avoid the buzz saws, of course), and slide your way to victory while dodging any spikes along the way. Now hurry, we need more lambs to the slaughter!

Along with a single-player campaign, Slaughter League features three core multiplayer modes. First is the classic race mode, where you can face off to see who can complete the course fastest, either in a single race or a series. Next is Outlast, where you’ll need to keep up with the randomized course as it moves along and try to be the last person standing. Finally there is Zombie mode, where an infected player attempts to zombify the rest of the competition and the last one alive (or at least, not undead) wins the round. After trying each mode, take a break from the competition and try out the stage builder before unleashing your twisted creations upon others!




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