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The Wicker Man (2006) (Movie Podcast) | SMF

Does the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man exceed the reception of the original movie? We have some comments on that.



Edward Malus is a police officer, whose ex-fiancée Willow Woodward informs him that her daughter Rowan has disappeared and asks for his help in her search. When he arrives at the island where Rowan was last seen, he suspects something sinister about the neo-pagans who live on the island.

The Wicker Man is a 2006 horror film written and directed by Neil LaBute. The film is a remake of the 1973 British film The Wicker Man, but also draws from its source material, David Pinner's 1967 novel Ritual. It stars Nicolas Cage, Kate Beahan, Ellen Burstyn, Leelee Sobieski and Frances Conroy.




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