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The Wormhole of Love - Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (Part 4) | SMF

Welcome to our latest Let's Play video of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime! In this fast-paced and action-packed game, you'll join a team of space-faring lovebirds as they navigate through the treacherous reaches of the universe. Whether you're manning the turrets, piloting the ship, or rescuing cute and cuddly creatures, there's always something to do in this co-op adventure. So join us as we take on the challenges of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and see if we can make it out alive!



Long ago in a faraway future, super smart scientists built a machine to harness the most awesome force in the universe - Love. With the power of the Ardor Reactor, explorers took to the stars uniting all the peoples of the galaxy. All were protected by the League Of Very Empathetic Rescue Spacenauts - The Lovers - who guarded the Reactor, but disaster was brewing!

An error in the XOXO matrix allowed the dark force of Anti-Love to seep into our reality. An explosion ripped a hole in spacetime itself, and the Ardor Reactor was blasted into pieces. Now, with Anti-Love spreading across the galaxy, the fate of our spacetime seems decidedly unlovely. Your job is to power the last remaining prototype ship, and recover the four Ardor Reactor in each of the four different Constellations.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a frantic 1-to-4 player couch co-op action space shooter. Explore a colorful galaxy in a massive neon battleship that you control together by manning turrets, lasers, shields and thrusters. Only through teamwork can you triumph over the evil forces of Anti-Love, rescue kidnapped space-bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise. Deep space is a dangerous place, but you don’t have to face it alone! The game was developed by Asteroid Base for Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Linux, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.




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