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We're Kinda Good At This - ExoTanks (Part 2) | SMF

Do we actually know how to work together?



Mars, 2090. Two factions, the Confederation and the Syndicate, are fighting for power over the red planet and its resources.

You’ll have to master combat vehicles. Each tank has unique abilities, including an ultimate one.
Each combat vehicle has individual characteristics, as well as its own type of chassis and weapons, which makes the movement and firing mechanics different for each tank. You’ll have to upgrade your tank during battle! Gaining experience and increasing your tank’s rank, you can choose various combinations of equipment in each battle. The team’s success depends on the interaction of the tanks of three different classes: Defender, Assault, and Engineer. The tank class determines not only the tank’s role in battle but also the nature of its abilities, as well as the pros and cons of its characteristics.

ExoTanks is a peculiar combination of the tank shooter and some elements of the MOBA games. The spirit of rivalry, cooperating with brothers in arms, and epic tank battles on the vast areas of Mars in the Sci-Fi world — that’s what makes a real team shooter.




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