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Our Kickoff Gaming Sweepstakes and Giveaway for Gamers!

We're launching our site off with a bang! All purchases will enter you into the running for a chance at winning a PlayStation 4 Pro and, yes AND a Amazon gift card worth $200.

Why are we giving away Gamer Gear?

We're doing this to promote our love of Video Games, Gamers, and Internet culture. We're one of you, and we hope you identify with us. We are going to continually offer opportunities to win awesome video game related. Everyone can win, and shopping with us can help increase your chances.

This is a scam, right?

If I were you, I would think that as well. But, we're willing to sweeten the pot and opportunity if you shop with us. We're fully backed and insured to run our sweepstakes above board. Remember, we want you to win, we love sharing our love of gaming with those who appreciate it.

C'mon... it still seems fishy

OK, OK, yes, I will reveal our motives. We want you to help us. We want you to tell us what you want, we want you to tell us how we suck, we want you to ask for what you want the next sweepstakes prize to be. Really, our secret motive is to give you what you want. We hope you identify with our brand, all of us here at Super Monkey Fighters and a Super Monkey Fighter at heart. Reach out to us and let us know